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Technology has opened up a world of immense possibilities, yet this does not guarantee absolute safety and dependability. The rise in cyber threats necessitates the protection of an organization's interests and assets through robust cyber security measures. At Adviciya, our team of cyber security professionals is dedicated to continuously monitoring and defending your brand against potential dangers using cutting-edge cyber security services. We integrate comprehensive business acumen, technological prowess, and security expertise to safeguard, develop, and foster your organization, ensuring a secure digital environment.


Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides organizations with sophisticated tools to safeguard against potential cybersecurity threats. Through WAC, we deliver the crucial security expertise necessary for enhancing the organization's protection and recovery capabilities.

Cloud Security

At the forefront of innovation, our expertise lies in providing cloud security services designed to automate processes, thereby boosting efficiency in digital business operations. Through rigorous strategies, policies, and adherence to compliance standards, we ensure the robust security of IT infrastructure and sensitive data hosted in the cloud

Monitoring and Managing Network

We specialize in enhancing performance and assessing system health through comprehensive network monitoring and management. Additionally, our network security services safeguard your business systems from external threats, employing advanced intrusion detection techniques to ensure robust protection.

Identity and Access Management

We oversee identity management and regulate access to organizational resources, ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive information through authentication, privilege management, and authorization mechanisms.

Server Security and Hardening

In our approach to server security, we fortify defenses against cyberattacks by diligently reducing vulnerabilities across the system where unauthorized access could occur. We prioritize enhancing security within the server operating system to effectively prevent unauthorized entry

Database Hardening

By analyzing and configuring the database, we reduce security vulnerabilities and implement a comprehensive suite of products, processes, and procedures. This includes adopting encryption, updating passwords regularly, and restricting access to specific database areas through rigorous database hardening measures.